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Out of Bounds (Rule 27):

Beyond any fence and/or white stakes with black tops bounding the course.

2. Staked Trees & Shrubs:

If a staked tree/shrub interferes with a player's stance or the area of their intended swing, the ball MUST be lifted, without penalty, and dropped in accordance with the precedure prescribed in Rule 24-2b (Immovable Obstruction). The ball may be cleaned when lifted, without penalty.

3. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2):

The following items are defined as immovable onstructions:
(a) Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Green. In addition, Specimen Local Rule 5 of Appendix 1, Part B of the Rules of Golf applies.
(b) All stakes defining GUR areas, Water Hazards and Lateral Water Hazards and stakes (and/or guards) supporting staked trees/shrubs.
(c) All Protective Screens.
(d) All paths and roads (artificial surfaces). 

4. Ground Under Repair (Rule 25):

The following areas are defined as Ground Under repair:
(a) Those areas the margins of which are defined by white stakes, white lines, GUR singage and/or accompanying rope.
(b) Solidly embedded stones through the green.
(c) Hoof marks, animal and bird scratchings.
(d) Embedded ball through the green.
(e) All garden beds.
(f) Spinner cuts through the course.
(g) Drain between the trotting track and north side of the 18th green.

Lost Ball

If there is doubt whether a ball is in or is lost in the water hazard (drain of south side of 4th and 6th hole; west side of the 12th, 13th and 16th holes), the player may play another ball provisionally under any of the applicable options in Rule 26-1.
If the original ball is found outside the water hazard, the player must continue play with it. If the original ball is found in the water hazard, the player may either play the original ball as it lies or continue with the ball played provisionally under Rule 26-1.
If the original ball is not found or identified within the five minute search period, the player must continue with the ball played provisionally.

Penalty For Breach of Local Rule

Stroke play - 2 Strokes
Match Play - Loss of Hole


Water Hazards are defined by yellow stakes
Lateral Water Hazards are defined by red stakes 

Additional, temporary local rules are posted on the club house outside notice board when required.

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